Our Clients

We focus on helping individuals and families invest for retirement and plan for the future. Although our office is located in Massachusetts, we have clients across the country. We can help you wherever you are located*. We work with clients from a variety of backgrounds, and at all stages of life and career. For example:

  • Families. Cultivating long-term relationships with your families is important to us. We’re grateful for this special opportunity, and we work hard to preserve your shared values and legacy goals.
  • Busy professionals. We understand that managing wealth in today’s economy is often a challenge for our busy, high-achieving clients because time is a precious commodity. Our goal is to make this task easier so your time and energy are best invested in enjoying your passions.
  • Empowering Women. Whether you’re single, divorced, widowed, or changing careers, we help you navigate uncertain terrain, embrace wealth management, and take control of your financial lives.
  • Retirees. Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean your financial plan should be. We help you navigate a variety of complex financial issues that can arise throughout retirement – from healthcare options to tax mitigation strategies to portfolio risk adjustments.

Most clients who start with us, stay with us. Why? Because they value our client-centered approach, and know that we work hard to always put their interests first. The majority have been with Annette for more than 15 years, and many have become friends.

*The presence of this web site shall in no way be construed or interpreted as a solicitation to sell or offer to sell advisory services to any residents of any State other than the State of Massachusetts or where otherwise legally permitted.

Our Process

Our process begins with you. In order to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, we rely on a deep understanding of you, your family, and your objectives.

  • We listen. We want to know your dreams, your concerns, and your goals for the future. Then we create a financial plan and investment portfolio that are tailored to meet your objectives and minimize your risk.
  • We look beyond the numbers. We believe that financial advising is about more than finding the best rate of return. It’s about understanding your goals, your values, and your passions.
  • We’re here for you. We want you to have a clear understanding of how your money is working for you. That’s why we invest hours of research, communicate often, and are above all, accessible.
  • We coordinate. We work hand-in-hand with your other trusted advisors; with your attorneys, and CPAs, as needed to ensure that your financial strategy is not only coordinated, but comprehensive.
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